More than just a Sensor

With the BluSensor AIR you can do more than you can imagine. It is a new and smart device that opens up many new possibilities in the age of "Internet of Things". User-friendly operation using smartphones solves complicated, grueling configurations on old measuring instruments. Many interesting new features offer the user maximum comfort. A low energy consumption increases the runtime and integrated intelligence makes the device your helpful assistant.



Your device remembers everything!

Position your device anywhere and let it work! Hard to believe - their device has more than 16,000 storage spaces!

 You can choose from different time intervals.





What happened?

Why have my limits been exceeded? Since when is something wrong? Transfer all stored values ​​to your smartphone or tablet and start your analysis






Create from data knowledge!

Meaningful statistics help you with the analysis.

Have an overview of all measured values ​​of different sensors on one side and observe your interaction. You can choose between individual values, day, month or year view

If the temperature rises, the humidity in the room drops, since warmer air can absorb more humidity. If the room cools down at night, the air will degrade the humidity to its surroundings. Window fog, furniture absorb the excess moisture - danger of mold formation is given





A proof for all

Our logs provide clarity about the actual values. Gone are speculations and accusations. Avoid unnecessary disputes and objectively correct misconduct with the help of meaningful statistics.



Learn from the interaction of humidity and temperature. The warmer the room, the more it can absorb humidity. If a room cools down, it can no longer absorb excess air humidity and releases it to the environment. The dew point indicates when your windows and walls begin to fog.

An excellent combination!





Caution - Limits exceeded

You do not want to personally check your measured values. Well, there is our Alarm Assistant. Let your device flash or send an alert to your smartphone or tablet as soon as limits are exceeded.





Learn proper behavior!

On the basis of transparent data, you learn what you need to change, so that your measured values ​​are in the optimum range in the future. You set an action and check whether the action taken has the desired effect.





Mark your measurement

If you want to make targeted measurements, you can set a marker, eg "Start Airing Monday", "End Airing Monday", etc. When you analyze your data, you can evaluate specific areas more precisely.





Did you know?

Our devices also work

  • without Internet
  • without permanent connection to the smartphone / tablet
  • without login
  • without monthly fees

Just buy and start!


You want to have everything at a glance?



Your local sensors

Use multiple BluSensor AIR devices and get an overview if you are using multiple devices. Humidity, temperature and dew point will be recorded continuously.

They also graphically show the range to your device.





Where have I measured?

When evaluating data, it is often difficult to trace where the records took place. To counteract this problem, you can add the current location to each measurement point when you transfer the data to your smartphone or tablet.



How do I distinguish my devices?

You can give your device a name or simply say to it: "Please blink a few times". This is how you recognize which device it is.





Who gets my data?

You can choose whether you prefer to keep your data on your smartphone or tablet, or to evaluate it on your PC (eg. via Excel), or to convert your data into a so-called "cloud". On the Internet. You choose where your data goes!

You choose where your data goes!


bluSensor® AIR - the modern measurement device for you.


Smart Hygrometer and Thermometer.


A lot of functions in a small enclosure


Sensor for Humidity, Temperature, and Dew Point

Works Perfect with Your Smartphone

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