Humidity | Temperature | Dew-Point


A Smart Measurement Device 4.0

professional hygrometer & thermometer measurement device to monitor humidity, temperature, and dew-point für cigar humidors, preventing mold, basements, wine cellars, air purifiers, terrariums, or growing plants. This sensor device can be easily used with your smartphone (iPhone, Android) or tablet (iPad). The devices stores logged sensor data for months and is operating autonomously with requiring a smartphone.

Internal Memory for more than 400 Days

bluSensor® AIR has an integrated flash memory chip that can store sensor data independent of the smartphone. Depending on the logging interval, the measurement device can store sensor data for more than 400 days. The logged sensor data can be easily downloaded by any smartphone. Our app offers details statistics and data analysis.

Data Export

All sensor data stored on the device can be exported via Email (CSV/Excel) by only one click. Moreover, we provide a free Excel Macro for further data analysis in Excel.


High Quality Sensors

Our sensors are built by a Swiss sensor specialist and fulfill high automotive-grade quality standards. The sensors are industry-grade and factory-calibrated. On request we can also build sensors with a higher precision of ±1.8 % relative humidity and ±0.2 °C.

Protection Membrane (IP68)

On request, we can add a water-repellent protection membrane (IP68) to every sensor. This protects the sensor from dust, water, oil, or chemicals that are being used in agriculture. The specially developed membrane is previous to air while protecting the sensor.

Shock-Proof Enclosure (IP40)

Our enclosures are durable, solid and shock-proof and can be additionally protected by a protective silicon case. Available in multiple colors.


Technical Details


  • humidity (±2 %), temperature (±0.3°C), dew-point
  • excellent long term stability (no re-calibration needed)
  • factory calibrated and tested individually
  • automotive-grade AEC-Q100

Data Logger

  • internal flash memory
  • 16.000 measurements (more than 400 days)
  • configurable intervals (1min, 5min, 10min, 30min)



  • configurable thresholds (mold, humidors,...)
  • LED alarm light
  • alarms via iPhone, iPad, Android


  • Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • battery runtime 3 to 12 months*

Protective Cases & Wrist Bands

Battery Runtime

Our devices are build for low power consumption (ultra low energy). The actual current consumption strongly depends on the usage of the device. If the sensor is mostly running in broadcasting mode (BLE beacon mode) the battery runtime will be the longest. A lot of sensor data downloads (data logger mode) can reduce battery runtime significantly. For long running data loggings we recommend using our bluSensor AIR PRO+ with a 10x higher battery runtime (3000mAh).