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bluSensor App for Bluetooth Hygrometer and Thermometer

bluSensor® AIR

Hygrometer and Thermometer

The perfect hygrometer and temperature sensor for monitoring humidity, temperature, and dew point for humidors, basements, mold, wine storage, air purifier, terrarium, cigars, growing plants, and much more!

This measuring device can be easily operated with a smartphone or tablet and is used for monitoring indoor climate. Take precautions before mold forms in your bathroom. On the basis of meaningful statistics, you can influence your behavior in the bathroom properly. Questions such as "Is your ventilation sufficient?", "Have you sufficiently ventilated?" can be clearly answered.

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Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point

Bluetooth Hygrometer and Thermometer Data Logger for iOS and Android

The Bluetooth hygrometer and thermometer has very precise sensors with excellent longterm stability coming from the automotive industry. The sensors are factory calibrated and tested individually. A re-calibration is not necessary.

The device is small, handy, and shock proof. Place the sensor directly where you want to measure, like behind the wardrobe, on the heating unit, in the basement or anywhere else. The sensor is ready for every use case. The device has an internal flash memory that can store up to 400 days of sensor data. Use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to download all data to your smartphone for further analysis.

By using our app, you can share all logged data with your friends or colleagues via email (CSV). Moreover, the sensor can be used by more people without the need for pairing.

With statistics, data analysis, and ventilation assistant to prevent mold or current weather conditions, our innovative app is the perfect match for our sensor devices.

Hygrometer Thermometer Datalogger Sensor

An Innovative Bluetooth Sensor

With the bluSensor® AIR, you can do more than you can imagine. It is a new and smart device that opens up many new possibilities in the age of "Internet of Things". User-friendly operation using smartphones solves complicated, grueling configurations on old measuring instruments. Many interesting new features offer the user maximum comfort. A low energy consumption increases the runtime and integrated intelligence makes the device your helpful assistant. Learn from the interaction of humidity and temperature. The warmer the room, the more it can absorb humidity. If a room cools down, it can no longer absorb excess air humidity and releases it to the environment. The dew point indicates when your windows and walls begin to fog.

Mold Alarm Sensor

From Sensor Data to Kowledge

Have an overview of all measured values ​​of different sensors on one side and observe your interaction. You can choose between individual values, day, month or year view. If the temperature rises, the humidity in the room drops, since warmer air can absorb more humidity. If the room cools down at night, the air will degrade the humidity to its surroundings. When there is window fog, furniture absorb the excess moisture - danger of mold formation is given

Learn Proper Behavior

On the basis of transparent data, you learn what you need to change, so that your measured values ​​are in the optimum range in the future. You set an action and check whether the action taken has the desired effect.

A Proof for All

Our logs provide clarity about the actual values, getting rid of speculations and accusations. Avoid unnecessary disputes and objectively correct misconduct with the help of meaningful statistics.

Accessories for the Sensor

There are a number of accessories available for our products. Choose a protective cover that matches your needs. Do you want to hang your sensor on the wall, door, etc.? No problem - our products offer an eyelet in which you can attach different bands in different lengths and colors.

Accessories Bluetooth Sensor

Use Cases for Hygrometer and Thermometer

The sensor can be used for a variety of applications. It can be used for monitoring of mold problems, your wine cellar, terrarium or your cigar humidor. The sensor monitors each application and provides you with meaningful measured values.

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