bluSensor® AIR - Bluetooth Hygrometer & Thermometer Datalogger for iOS and Android

Bluetooth Hygrometer & Thermometer for iOS and Android - Excellent Long-Term Stability, Sensor from Automotive Industry, Calibrated, Precise, Alarm-Functions, Shock-Proof Enclosure. For Humidors, Basements, Mold, Wine Storage, Air Purifier, Terrarium, Cigars, Growing Plants.


Indoor Climate

The air quality of our rooms is of great importance for our well-being. Thus, too high atmospheric humidity can promote the formation of mold, too low a humidity can affect the respiratory tract or a too low temperature can disturb the general well-being. With our BluSensor, you keep track of the current air quality in your rooms. The device collects all data and makes it available on your smartphone. In addition, the appliance can alarm poor air quality. Whether in the office, in the living room or in the basement, the device is ready for use everywhere.


Application possibilities

The perfect hygrometer and temperature sensor for monitoring humidity, temperature and dew point for your bathroom. This measuring device can be easily operated with a smartphone or tablet and is used for monitoring indoor climate. Take precautions before mold forms in your bathroom. On the basis of meaningful statistics, you can influence your behavior in the bathroom properly. Questions such as "Is your ventilation sufficient?", "Have you sufficiently ventilated?" Can be clearly answered.

Easy. Convenient. Good.

Helps to properly ventilate against bad air helps. Have you ever wondered whether you ventilate properly? Ventilation for too long costs money and increases energy costs. Insufficient ventilation risks poor indoor air. Our air monitoring devices help you to visualize your room climate.

Promotes Health

We all know how dangerous mold spores are. Do not give the mold any chance. Position our air monitoring device in any location, anywhere. Our device automatically records all sensor values at the intervals defined. Our wireless technology permits you to transfer and analyze them at any time to your smartphone or tablet. Our statistics show you when your space is potentially vulnerable to mold. You can respond in a timely manner.


What our device can do!


You can give each device a unique name.


Humidity, temperature, dew point


Our devices store all measured values on the device. You do not need to be constantly connected to your smartphone. You can select from predefined interval settings (1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes).


You can always see the current battery status.


When activated, an audible warning will sound on your smartphone or tablet if your device is out of range


Easy communication via message to your smartphone or tablet or red flashing warning light on the device if limits are exceeded.


Powerful statistics per day, month or yearly


You can send your measured values directly via mail


It is possible to upload the data directly to the cloud.


With our 3-D animation, you can look at our product closely.



Proof for correct living behaviour
Meaningful protocols
No more disputes ...

 for owner, renter, landlords



Technical Details




  • humidity (±2 %)
  • temperature (±0.3°C)
  • dew-point
  • excellent long term stability
  • no re-calibration needed
  • factory calibrated
  • tested individually
  • automotive-grade AEC-Q100

Data Logger

  • internal flash memory
  • 16.000 measurements
  • more than 400 days
  • configurable intervals
  • 1min, 5min, 10min, 30min




  • configurable thresholds
  • for mold, humidors, growing,...
  • LED alarm light
  • alarms via iPhone, iPad, Android


  • -40°C to +85°C
  • wide temperature range
  • shock-proof enclosure
  • optional with IP67 protection membran


  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0)
  • from iOS 7.0
  • from Android 4.3


further details can be found in our datasheet

product details


There are a number of accessories to our products. Choose a protective cover that matches your needs. Do you want to hang your sensor on the wall, door, etc.? No problem - our products offer an eyelet in which you can attach different bands in different lengths and colors.

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