bluSensor® API

Bluetooth Low Energy Programming API

With our bluSensor® API (Bluetooth LE GATT) you can easily integrate our sensors into your applications. All functions of our sensors are available. Current values such as temperature and humidity, data logger with configurable intervals, sensor limit values, alarms and LED. To help you get started, we offer training or support you throughout the development process. In addition, we also offer an SDK for iOS and Android devices.

Current values

Monitor all current measured values of your sensors. Depending on the device, sensor values for humidity, temperature, dew point, CO2 or TVOC are available via our Bluetooth® GATT API.

Data Logger

Load the stored sensor values into your application. In addition, the logger interval can be easily configured. The internal flash memory of the device can store values up to one year.


All sensors can be configured with limit values. Alarms via the integrated LED or as broadcast messages can be easily adapted to the application.

bluSensor® Bluetooth GATT API

Our sensors can be used in broadcast beacon mode or in connected mode. Current sensor values are also available as broadcast values. The query of the current value is very simple and the integration into your app or solution takes only a few hours. For complex applications and access to the data logger you can use the Bluetooth GATT API of the sensor.

Details on Bluetooth Low Energy and GATT can be found on the official website of the Bluetooth SIG.

Bluetooth LE GATT is supported on all platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Xamarin.


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bluSensor® Bluetooth SDK

We also offer a paid development kit (SDK) for our sensors. This makes the integration of all device functions much easier. We put a lot of energy into the stability and performance of the Bluetooth Low Energy connection. Currently there is the SDK for iOS and Android.

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