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Our app works perfectly together with our sensors and measuring instruments. to offer you the highest possible comfort when measuring and evaluating (statistics). With the bluSensor® AIR App you also have access to a worldwide sensor data network of over 250,000 measuring stations. Numerous weather data stations at your location offer values such as humidity, temperature, and dew point. Current air quality values such as particulate matter or NOx pollution are also provided. The data comes from public measuring stations provided by the Federal Environment Agency.

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Statistics and Data Export

The app offers convenient access to stored sensor values. Statistics help with the evaluation of sensor data. Sensor values can be displayed filtered per day or month. Detailed individual values are also available. You can export your data as an Excel CSV file and send it by e-mail at any time. On Android devices the export to cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive is additionally supported. In addition, you have the possibility to upload the sensor data to our cloud. This gives you and your colleagues access anytime, anywhere.

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bluSensor App Airing Assistant

Airing Assistant

The app has a ventilation wizard which uses all sensor data from hygrometer and thermometer to ensure the best possible ventilation and calculates the time to ventilate your room or basement. Proper ventilation can prevent mildew formation and improve the air quality of your home considerably. In the summer, incorrect ventilation can lead to a considerable increase in the humidity (especially in storage rooms and cellars). The app calculates the best time to ventilate your room by using the current hygrometer and thermometer data at your location and the humidity and temperature in your interior. The app gives you a prediction of how the humidity will change after ventilation. With the integrated ventilation timer, you can conveniently control the duration of the ventilation.

Calendar and Thresholds

The clear calendar helps you to read off the exceeding of limit values easily. If the limit values are exceeded or fallen below over a longer period of time, the corresponding day is highlighted in colour.

Many Other Functions

  • Scientific calculation of ventilation
  • Real time display of dew point
  • Notification in case of danger of mould
  • Markings (description and GPS location)
  • Configurable alarms
  • IoT and Cloud Configuration

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Overview of All Functions

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Technical Details


Since iOS 7.0
Since Android 5

Weather & Air Quality

Hygrometer and Thermometer
Air quality (at the site)
Temperature (at the location)
250,000+ measuring stations worldwide

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