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Supporting the analysis

Do you need assistance in the analysis of mold problems? Our devices help you to analyze existing problems. Meaningful reports support them in their cause research. If your mold problem has been solved, our device controls the room conditions and alarms if something is wrong

Properly ventilated?

Helps to properly ventilate against bad air. Have you ever wondered whether you ventilate properly? Prolong ventilation costs money and increases the energy costs. Insufficient airing risks bad room air. Our air monitoring devices help you to make your room climate visible.

Mold prevention behind boxes

The perfect sensor for monitoring humidity, temperature and dew point in living rooms and basements.This measuring device can be easily operated with the smartphone and is used to prevent molds behind furniture such as boxes, beds etc. Just place the measuring device behind your objects and you get an alarm if the limits are exceeded.

Check the humidity in the bathroom

The perfect sensor for monitoring humidity, temperature and dew point for your bathroom. This measuring device can be easily operated with the smartphone and is used to monitor the room climate. Take precautions before mold forms in your bathroom. On the basis of meaningful statistics, you can influence your behavior in the bathroom correctly. Questions such as "Is your ventilation sufficient?", "Have you ventilated sufficiently?" can be clearly answered.

mold bathroom


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Perfect humidity for your cigars

It is very important to store your cigars at correct air conditions. Humidity and temperature are very important. You can easily monitor humidity and temperature inside your cigar humidor by just placing our BluSensor inside the humidor. Using Bluetooth wireless technology you can check humidity and temperature from inside your humidor without opening it.


Optimal climate - good sleep!

Do they sleep badly, or are you constantly awake during the night? Have you already checked your room climate in your sleeping rooms? We spend some time in these rooms - several hours day and night. It is therefore particularly important to ensure optimum room climate in these rooms. Sleep well and sleep healthy.

Optimal room climate for me and my loved ones

Particularly in the colder season, it is important to ensure an optimal room climate. The heating generates excessively dry air, which can irritate the respiratory tract. Through optimal ventilation, you bring fresh air into your rooms and ensure pleasant comfort for yourself and your loved ones.


Is the air humidity in the basement, right?

The basement is often used for various purposes, for storage of foodstuffs, as a hobby basement or study room or as a laundry room. Especially in the basement, it is important to control the humidity. The value of the room humidity should not be constant at the upper limit.

My food supply - optimally stored!

Storing food properly is not easy. You must constantly check temperature and humidity in order to ensure optimal storage conditions. Simply place the BluSensor AIR between your food and ask the log from time to time to see if there are still optimal conditions. If it is slightly spoiled, mark the measurement, adjust the room climate, and try to keep your products longer in storage.

Valuable art objects need care!

Expensive art objects often require careful care and storage. Check the optimum room temperature and humidity during transport and storage. Thus, the durability and the quality of their valuable items can be guaranteed longer.


Monitoring sensitive deliveries

Particularly for valuable deliveries, it is important to get a proof of the conditions that were delivered during transport. Record temperature and humidity during shipping and use our expressive reports for your complaints or to assert your claims with insurance companies.


Your smart greenhouse

They can easily control the climate in the greenhouse. Place a BluSensor AIR in the greenhouse at a protected location and record humidity and temperature. Ensure optimal growth conditions and enjoy their harvest.

Is it good for your animals?

You want to know if your favorites feel good outside? Enter some BluSensor AIR into the dog kennel, into their barn shed, etc. and they are always on the go, as the conditions there are. Is it cold in the winter months? From when your cat should sleep once in the house, since it is too wet and too cold outside and there is no suitable shelter.

Camping yes, but only if temperature fits

Your little ones want to sleep again in the garden tent? Record the temperature during the night and then decide whether the conditions are suitable for a camping adventure

Easy. Convenient. Good.

Do you like our product?

Our product is versatile. Compared to traditional measuring devices and data loggers our device is convincing due to its small size, simple operation and a large memory for many measured values. Our device works autonomously and saves the measured values ​​even when no smartphone is nearby. As soon as they are within range, they can transfer the values ​​wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth and read statistics on the past. We help you to analyze your environment.

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