bluSensor® AIR

A next generation sensor device


Humidity | Temperature | Dew-Point


Measure like a pro

The Bluetooth hygrometer & thermometer has very precise sensors with excellent long term stability coming from the automotive industry. The sensors are factory calibrated and tested individually. A re-calibration is not necessary.

Made for daily usage

The device is small, handy, and shock proof. Place the sensor directly where you want to measure. Like behind the wardrobe, on the heating unit, in the basement or anywhere else. The sensor is ready for every use case. The device has an internal flash memory that can store up to 400 days of sensor data. Use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to download all data to your smartphone for further analysis.

Share logged sensor data with your colleagues

By using our app you can share all logged data with your friends or colleagues via email (CSV). Moreover, the sensor can be used by more people without the need for pairing.

A smart measurement device with lots of possibilities

Statistics, data analysis, ventilation assistant to prevent mold or current weather conditions. Our feature-rich app is the perfect match for our sensor devices.

bluSensor® AIQ

Healthy Air. Wherever you are.

Air Quality | Temperature | Humidity


You are often tired even though you went to bed early?

I'm sure you've heard of it: You go to bed early in the morning and still are not well rested the next morning. You feel upset, tired, tired and sitting in the office without concentration. In many cases, bad air during the sleep phase is the cause of this fatigue. You spend more than 8 hours a day in your bedroom. Fresh and healthy air while sleeping helps you to start the day with more energy!

Allergies and risk of infection due to bad indoor air in schools and offices.

Did you know that vapours from wall paints, carpets and furniture, allergies and respiratory problems can cause? The risk of infection in infectious diseases also increases significantly with poor indoor air quality. There are more than 360,000 school classes in Germany and by consistently controlling the indoor air in schools, many waves of influenza could be contained.


Healthy air. Wherever you are.

bluSensor® AIQ is the world's first intelligent air quality sensor with a smart plug concept. The small, flexible sensor can be operated with a powerbank battery, in the USB socket in the Smart-Home, in the notebook at the workplace or even in a cigarette lighter in the car or truck. It measures and stores more than 5,000 different air quality values, anywhere, anytime!

bluSensor® AIR PRO

A sensor with 10 years runtime

Humidity | Temperature | Dew-Point


You like to measure for a very long time?

This Bluetooth hygrometer & thermometer has 10x more battery runtime. The sensor reliably measures humidity, temperature and dew-point for up to 10 years. The device uses the same long term stable and precise sensors like our AIR device.. 

Fixed mounting & customer specific installation

You want to mount the sensor on the wall? No problem! The enclosure can easily be mounted on any wall. You have a special use case where you like to integrate our sensor? In the floor or in a bridge wall? We do also offer customer specific solutions for integrating our sensors.

Requests for customer specific solutions

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