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bluSensor® Data Logger and Beacons

Bluetooth Low Energy Data Logger and Beacons for Mobile Monitoring and Analysis

Our compact data loggers and beacons are perfect for mobile monitoring. Thanks to power-saving Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth Low Energy), the sensors can be operated with only one small button cell for months. This new wireless technology allows the sensors to be used with any smartphone and tablet. Our products include sensors for humidity (hygrometer), temperature and dew point (thermometer), motion, acceleration and universal operating hour counters as well as intelligent sports sensors.

bluSensor® WiFi and IoT Sensors

WiFi & Bluetooth Sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Property Technology (PropTech)

Our IoT sensors natively support an encrypted connection to IoT cloud systems. This makes gateways superfluous and considerably simplifies the connection and integration. Our IoT sensors are compatible with all common IoT cloud systems and protocols compatible. In addition, we also offer (optionally) an innovative sensor cloud solution. Our new IoT products include sensors for humidity, temperature, air quality, fine dust heat image, distance, light barriers, brightness, and external temperature sensors.

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